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Nursing Case Study Assignment Help

Nursing Case Study Assignment - 100% Plagiarism Free!!

The nursing profession is the largest healthcare profession that works selflessly and is the largest single part of hospital staff. The demand for nurses as a profession has increased over the years resulting in more student enrollment in nursing. Students pursuing nursing have to solve case studies that make them think critically. That’s why NeedAssignmentHelp provides Nursing Case Study Assignment Help to those students who have busy schedules, interning, practicing in hospitals, and aren't able to spare time for assignments given by their universities.

Nurses are considered the heart of the healthcare industry; they played a vital role during World Wars, pandemics, and recently as frontline warriors during COVID-19. Their selfless duty made them heroes of the year 2020. Modern nurses are entering both research and practice-focused fields, which is important to meet the nation’s requirement for nurse scientists, faculty, expert clinicians, and innovators.

Generally, for better research and practice, universities load students with nursing case studies assignments that can provide them with a framework for evaluation and analysis of complicated cases. But, some students find themselves at crossroads and are blank about the assignment which led them to search for nursing case study assignment help, and that’s where we enter (NeedAssignmentHelp). We have experienced writers who have Ph.D. Degrees and provide plagiarism-free assignments at reasonable prices. We are always ready to serve you with the best academic help.

Nursing Case Study Assignment Help

What is a Case Study in Nursing?

This method of study helps the student to learn concepts in a creative and innovative manner that can be memorized easily. In Nursing, students have to create evidence-based case studies that include real-life problems and provide solutions by suggesting the possible outcomes for the same. This can be done well by a little bit of research on the cases that are already being mentioned in journals and articles. A nursing case study is a very important part of students learning. Through nursing case studies, students learn the whole procedure and practice of caregiving. As nurses spend a larger amount of time with patients, they need to learn the skill of observation. This skill can be best learned through case studies at school and graduation levels.

How to Write a Case Study for Nursing?

Boehrer and Linsky, the two lecturers at Harvard University stated about cases that a good case should represent: “an interesting and provocative, situation that fosters empathy with the characters” and focuses on “the intersection between organizational or situational dynamics and perception, judgment, and individual action”.

Through case studies, students can build their knowledge throughout their learning process. Before writing case studies, students need to plan and consider some preliminary steps. A nursing case study is a deep analysis of real-life situations. Writing this report takes a whole 6 steps nursing case study process:

  1. Assess the patient.
  2. List of diagnoses of the patient.
  3. Specify nursing intervention.
  4. Prepare a care plan.
  5. Define the execution of your care plan.
  6. Write the outcomes of the plan.

In this planning stage, students should focus on the format of the case study and results/objectives that can be learned from the project. Now, when we are aware of the case study process, it's time to implement these fundamental three main sections of writing a nursing case study:

  1. The status of the patient - This includes full information about the patient, their demographic data. It also specifies the symptoms, causes, and observations. Also, discuss how nursing care helped the patient to recover. Answer questions like:
    1. Indications that showed something is wrong?
    2. What symptoms lead the patient to seek help?
  2. The nursing assessment of the patient - In this, you should include the nursing diagnosis. Observe the patient and describe the vital signs and test results. Give a reason for opting for the particular diagnosis. This diagnosis helps in determining the nursing care plan.
  3. Current care plan and recommendations for improvement - Evaluate the current nursing plan and goals and how this plan improved the health of the patient. At last, what recommendations you would give by observing the current diagnosis and care plan. What are those points that you can add which helps in the faster recovery of the patient? Do not forget to support your recommendations with relevant sources and cite them according to the guidelines.

When you finish writing your case study, proofread and edit it before submitting; to avoid any unnecessary errors. You can also add references if there are any.

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Why Case Study is Necessary for Nursing?

“The most important practical lesson that can be given to the nurses is to teach them what to observe.”- Florence Nightingale. She laid the foundation of nursing as a profession during the Crimean War. The main purpose of a case study in nursing is that it helps students to explore, learn by observing each and every patient in detail. A case study is not a story of chiropractic but a chronology of patients’ health progress.

The purpose of case studies in nursing is to provide realistic situations that can ease discussion and enhance the decision-making skills of students. In clinical practice, case studies are significant to improve the application of prior knowledge, gain practical experience and increase problem-solving skills. Through case studies, students can inflate skills of critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and quick decision-making that can save many lives.

Benefits of Case Study for Nursing Students:

  • Requires learners to develop solutions.
  • Increase interactions among students.
  • Enhance critical thinking abilities.
  • Making quick decisions.
  • Helps in effective contextual learning.
  • Long-term retention.

A case study is also used for staff development in the healthcare industry. This method is used as instructions for the new or experienced nurse on specific patient populations and encourages staff nurses to review patient health improvement. Sigmund Freud who himself was a psychoanalyst, used to treat mental illness. His method of case histories is used in curing abnormal psychology and psychiatry.

Topics for Nursing Case Study

No doubt, nursing is such a vast field. That is why students tend to get confused on topics that they should take while preparing for a case study.

Here are some universal topics that student must master while getting nursing case study help:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Surgical nursing
  • Psychiatric nursing
  • Health assessment
  • Drug classification
  • Nursing management
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Community health

Problems Faced by Students

Nursing is one of the most difficult professions where your health is secondary but your duty should be your first priority. Writing a case study can be challenging for many nursing students as it requires analytical and critical thinking.

While pursuing nursing, many students practice or intern at the hospital level to get real-life experience which makes their schedule hectic, completing assignments before the deadline can be troublesome for them. This leads students to look for nursing case study assignment help online through various sources.

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Why Nursing Case Study Assignment Help is Best?

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