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How to Write a Dissertation writing : Step by Step

Dissertation writing simply implicates that the writer has reached to their important journey point of their education where their conclusive points and experiences are used along with their writing skills to summarise the research they conducted. Whole point of dissertation is to showcase your skills and the passion to conduct research with in their field of discipline, and write their outcomes in such a way that the value is provided to the content and it is unique in its own style  for contributing to the scientific and the academic communities.

What is Dissertation and its Difference from Thesis?

Dissertation and thesis are different and used in the educational journey at different stages. Dissertation is written at the time of under graduation level to showcase the final outcome of each individual for the conducted research. Whereas, Thesis is written after the master’s degree is completed for the research conducted and the outcomes. Thesis and dissertation both are valuable for further study in the respective field of interest.

Need of This Guidance

This guide is useful for both the sets of students writing dissertation and thesis accordingly. Writing and expressing their outcome in words is not joke and an easy thing to do.  Problems which each individual faces while writing are enumerated below:

Dragging One’s Feet: Students generally tend to put-off their work for the last minute. This is the biggest problem, as they are under pressure when the deadline approaches.

Lacking of Research Skills: Lacking in experience of conducting research along with the academic thinking makes the problem even bigger. Students don’t collect the resources which are relevant and useful for their dissertation writing. They generally believes in copy and paste mechanism instead of analysing their material and putting use of the content intelligently.

Lack of Writing Skills: Proper form, style, font and language should be used in writing the dissertation. Since, dissertation writing is the part of academics, it is important to keep in mind to write in such a way that it catches the interest of the readers.

Step-by Step Guidance

Students take this challenge very overwhelmingly. We help them in overcoming this phase methodically. We offer our services in the given stipulated time along the qualitative work.

Our foremost concern will be providing the qualitative content which will itself be an award winning proposal.

Title/Topic of The Dissertation

The main concerns which needs to be addressed in the initiation phase of writing dissertation is selection of the Topic or the question which is the basis of the dissertation. Question which is being addressed by the student through conducting researches and writing it down through their writing skills and extensive relevant vocabulary knowledge to express the better results.

Those questions which is being highlighted above are as follows: What is the problem which your dissertation will solve or at least enlighten the reader regarding it along with its contribution to the society. Why the urge to solve this problem will be the main question which will be put-up during viva. And the most important one, how are you going to answer that.

Brainstorming and preparation of an abstract is must to acknowledge the above question and setting the groundwork for the dissertation.

Structure of the Dissertation

Structure of The Dissertation

Dissertation Title: As discussed above.

Objective/Aim: Narrow down the objectives to give the idea to the skilled person regarding your work which helps in better understanding and building up the interest.

Literature/Body Part: Sources of information should be addressed as it is important and provides an idea of the quality of the content.

Research: Section where your ideas are expressed elaborately. This is the content where you outline your field of research.

Methodology: This section is focusses on the implementation part of the research. Equipments and measures which are considered and used during the conduct of the research.

Outcomes/Results: Outcome as in the final destination of the research. Analysing the research and the conclusions we draw from that are generally outlined. Expected outcomes are usually written.

List of References: As per the instruction of the mentor, this section is optional. When instructed by the mentor, list the references to relate the content with the previous work done on the academic platform.

Following the above mentioned outline, dissertation writing becomes a bit easy. All you have to do is do the background search accordingly.

Last Stage of Writing Dissertation

When the first draft or manuscript is prepared, a breath of relief can be taken as the 80% of work is already done. Editing and proofreading should be done after taking some time off to avoid the chaos or the confusion in mind. After you come back, more flaws will be evident easily and the editing and proofreading work will be more valuable.

Editing: It is the essence of paper. Editing helps in getting rid of irrelevant parts and put emphasis on the important parts. Editing helps in providing the content which is focussed on quality instead of quantity. Editing clarifies the reason of this paper and makes it worth reading.

Proofreading: This focuses on the form of paper. This helps in achieving the perfection. Flawless dissertation sure leaves an impact on the reader. Reading word by word and each sentence along with consulting dictionary side by side makes this work tedious but at the same time, it is worth of our time and labour.

After editing and proofreading you can have the feedback from your peers and mentor to guide you further.

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